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Heless has been producing toys that delight children for 70 years now. What started initially in 1949 with dolls' dummies, milk bottles with rubber teats and dolls' rattles has grown over the decades into an extensive range of doll clothing and accessories plus a range of other toys. From the very beginning, the founder of our company, Helga Moll, then 21 years old, attached the utmost importance to the outstanding quality and durability of the products.

Our family-owned company is now run by the second and third generation. We continue today, with absolute attention to detail, to produce top-quality toys that stand out from the crowd and that encourage children to develop through play. With Heless toys, even the tiniest tots can allow their imagination and creativity to run wild and immerse themselves in role playing games. Every year we add a wealth of new products and designs to our range – but one thing always stays the same: the high quality of our toys and the passion we devote to developing every single product here at Heless.

Perfect in every detail

At Heless, we are conscious of the huge responsibility that we owe to our young customers. Every one of our products is therefore developed with meticulous attention to detail and manufactured to meet the highest quality requirements. Our toys fulfil the most important quality standards – all our products comply with European standard EN71 on safety requirements for toys and bear the CE mark. The play value of our items is also of major importance to us so that they can support children's development and effectively encourage their creativity and empathy. To make sure that this never changes and that you can continue to rely on the high quality of our products, we operate a strict quality control policy. In addition, we are also regularly tested and certified by independent test bodies. We excel here – many of our toys, for example, have now also been awarded the "spiel gut" mark of the Ulm Committee for Good Toys.

spiel gut

spiel gut e. V. is a consumer association that is independent of the toy industry and the retail trade. Toys are awarded the "spiel gut" seal if they meet the criteria of the "spiel gut" experts and pass the practical test with children.

Fair Trade

Our Fair Trade products are produced and traded according to the standards defined by Fairtrade International covering the social, ecological and economic criteria for ensuring equitable world trade.


The CE mark documents products that meet the prescribed safety, quality and health requirements laid down by the European Union.

Play value

All of our products support creative role play, stimulate the imagination through play and help children to develop empathy, social intelligence and fine motor skills.

70 years of Heless – a success story

  • 1949

    Heless is founded as a company by Helga Moll, mother and grandmother of the current managing directors Beate Becker and Susanna Becker. Following the nationalisation of her parents' company in Dresden and the family's escape to the West, Helga, then 21 years old, decides to set up an independent company with a capital of DM1,000. This starting capital comes from the sale of six pedigree puppies that Helga's boxer had produced in July 1948. She takes the company's name from her own maiden name (Helga Hess). The first Heless collection consists of dolls' dummies, dolls' rattles and dolls' feeding bottles with rubber teats.

  • 1950

    Heless successfully attends the first Nuremberg Toy Fair. The company has taken part every year since then, presenting countless new products.

  • 1950s

    The customer base grows steadily and demand for Heless products rises. In addition to increasing the number of staff, this period also sees the first increase in the size of the premises and the company's move from Rot to Schwetzingen. The range of doll accessories is further expanded and successfully marketed.

  • 1960s

    Helga Moll makes her first visit as part of a delegation to Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The time spent in the Far East allows her to investigate the market and to start to do business with production and trading partners – and is a complete success. The company grows and the premises in Schwetzingen are extended for the first time in 1969.

  • 1970s

    Heless adds role playing toys such as doctor's bags, tool kits, baking and washing sets and painting smocks to its extensive collection of doll accessories. It also offers doll care articles such as brushes, combs and curlers, which prove extremely popular.

  • 1980s

    In 1981, Beate Becker, daughter of the company's founder Helga Moll, joins the company after completing her Business Studies degree and confidently takes it into the digital age, by integrating an ERP system for example. The range of Heless toys is expanded by a wealth of doll accessories such as bathtubs, potties, care sets, etc. The company enters the world of fabrics with its "Blumi Chic" gift range of fashionable accessories.

  • 1990s

    In 1990, Beate Becker becomes joint managing director of Heless GmbH. Dolls "go active" and sledges, tents, doll swimming accessories, roller skates and doll pram accessories are added to the range. Heless launches the first collection of doll clothes (Basic Collection), consisting of bodysuits, rompers and underwear.

  • 2000s

    The product focus is now increasingly on fashionable doll clothing. From bikinis through tights to formal evening wear – Heless adds new fashion highlights and accessories year after year. The "Magic Bath" bath fun items are featured increasingly on the shelves of supermarkets and drugstores, and Heless produces its first soft dolls – "Lili" and "Leo" – in 2007. Heless founder Helga Moll dies in 2006 and Beate Becker continues to run the business alone.

  • 2010s

    The range of doll fashion and accessories is continually expanded, with the latest trends being added all the time. The Heless bathing collections and enchanting dolls' dresses such as the "Dreamy Dress" or the "Ice Princess Dress" are particularly popular. The consistent focus on quality and sustainability is also reflected in the Fair Trade line, which is created in 2017 with the dolls "Maya" and "Max". Susanna Becker joins the company in 2015 and becomes joint managing director alongside her mother Beate Becker in 2018.

  • 2019

    Heless celebrates its 70th anniversary and also its 70th visit to the Nuremberg Toy Fair! Product innovations such as the "Ava" sparkling mermaid outfit and the "Foxy" boys' clothing set reflect the unique fashion sense shown by this traditional Schwetzingen company.

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