A fair deal for the future: Heless Fair Trade products


Heless toys are the embodiment of superb quality. Every single product is developed by us with infinite passion and the utmost care – exactly as we want it. So we are particularly pleased that we have added Fair Trade products – our dolls Maya and Max – to our range.

The Heless Fair Trade collection is produced in collaboration with SELYN, a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation, in Sri Lanka in accordance with WTFO Fair Trade Standards. Our products are hand-made from 100% cotton by the only company in Sri Lanka to combine traditional Sri Lankan hand weaving techniques with Fair Trade standards. During a visit to Sri Lanka, we were able to see this for ourselves – and were captivated by the skill, creativity and passion with which our Fair Trade dolls and Fair Trade doll clothing were produced there. We were very impressed with SELYN founder Sandra Wanduragala, whose company started with 15 female employees and has now become a major success story. Today, around 500 workers are able to earn their livelihood through SELYN.

Fair Trade products ensure fair trading prices, good working conditions and appropriate wages for the work, respect for nature and the environment and gender equality. Through our commitment to Fair Trade, we feel we are making an important contribution to the sustainable, fair development of trade. We are delighted to be cooperating with our partner SELYN and to have already received such a positive response to our Fair Trade collection.

Blackmite UG