For a sustainable future: Heless presents new packaging concept


Heless has been following an exceptionally sustainable approach to its product packaging for many years. The majority of Heless doll clothes have been delivered on sustainable wooden hangers for over 15 years. These are not only particularly practical, since they can be used for the doll's wardrobe at home, but also make great ecological sense, since wood is a renewable resource.

Over the past year, as part of our packaging redesign, all Heless packaging have been checked for materials and practicality and reconsidered in order to find other environmentally friendly and functional solutions. A complex measure for a small company, which was successfully implemented with a lot of effort and conviction. As of 2020, other Heless products such as doll shoes, tights, hats and scarves will also come in sustainable packaging. They are now attached to innovative product cards made of cardboard, which saves previous plastic packaging.

82 % of our sales will be generated with articles in almost plastic-free packaging (in the previous year this was 70 %). Further changes will be made in the course of the year, with the aim of being able to deliver all product packaging as free of plastic as possible. Despite the higher quality and also more expensive packaging, Heless products remain price stable, so that customers are not faced with any additional costs.

The advantages of the previous packaging have of course been retained when developing the new packaging concept, so that Heless products are still packaged compactly and offered at the point of sale with great recognition value. This means that our customers will continue to benefit from first-class products that take up little volume on the sales area and thus guarantee the best possible take-up of space.

With the new packaging concept, Heless not only reduces its own ecological footprint, but also makes Heless products more attractive and tangible for customers.

For more sustainability and attention at the point of sale.

Blackmite UG