Great shoes for little doll feet  


Doll shoes for smaller dolls were a rarity on the doll fashion market. While there was a growing assortment of shoes for size 38-45 cm dolls, the smaller dolls had to settle for a rather limited collection.

The reason was obvious: the smaller the shoe, the more difficult and complex the production. Since the demand for smaller shoes has increased steadily in the past years, a production method was developed at Heless, which now finally makes it possible to produce also smaller doll shoes in the well-known Heless quality and with a trendy look and feel.

Whether sporty sneakers, chic ballerinas or cosy boots: Heless now offers a large selection of fashionable shoes for small doll feet. High quality workmanship, with a comfortable fit and in a trendy design, you can quickly find the latest pair of favourite shoes for the little doll.

The following doll shoes are now also available for dolls of size 30-34 cm:

6471, Ballerinas, pink

6481, Ballerinas, white

4461, Sneakers, pink

4471, Sneakers, blue

8401, Golden boots

8441, Silver boots

7471, Glitter ballerinas, gold

7481, Glitter ballerinas, silver

9441, Shoes "Unicorn Emil & Fee Emma"

9481, Shoes "Foxy"

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