Heless sets its course for the future: Susanna Becker joins the management team


Susanna Becker, granddaughter of the company's founder Helga Moll, has been
working at Heless Toys in Schwetzingen since 2015. She is now officially sharing
the management of the company with her mother, Beate Becker, and setting the
course for the future.

The family-owned firm of Heless, which manufactures high-quality dolls' clothing,
dolls and accessories, was founded in 1949 and is now managed by the second
and third generation of the family. As a company child, Susanna Becker was
involved in the firm even as a youngster. "I was allowed to contribute actively to
product development at a very early stage, and of course, I loved testing our
products thoroughly", she says. She officially started there in 2015. After
successfully completing her master's in Business Studies, Susanna Becker first
gained professional experience for a number of years, including working in a
successful start-up in Berlin, before joining Heless. She was appointed Director in
March 2018. Since then, Senior Director Beate Becker has been pleased to have
been supported so strongly and welcomes the fresh ideas that her daughter
brings to the company. "I would like to maintain the success of our family firm in
the future, with optimised processes and innovative products", says Susanna
Becker. "It's such fun working in the toy industry. We're dealing with really lovely
products that bring a sparkle to children's eyes – what could be more
wonderful?", she comments. She is already looking at lots of new projects that
she would like to tackle with her team.

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