Safety first - quality always: Ours toys are safe.


As a member of the DVSI (German Association of the Toy Industry eV) for many years, Heless puts the quality and safety of our toys first. Therefore, we also support DSVI's initiative "Our toys are safe", which raises awareness of high-quality toys and, in turn, warns about unsafe and contaminated products and plagiarism.

Playing is a basic need for children and as important in their development as sleeping, eating and drinking. As children play, they gain important experiences, get to know their feelings such as joy and pride, frustration and anger. In role-playing games – such as puppetry – children practice social skills such as compassion, caring and tolerance. By carrying, wrapping and putting on and taking off dolls, the little ones also unconsciously train their fine and gross motor skills: the phrase "learning by playing" does not come by chance. As a member of the DVSI (German Association of the Toy Industry eV) for many years, quality and safety of the toys are paramount at Heless.

In order for children to be completely absorbed in their game, it is essential to give them the right tools. That means safe and harmless toys that pose no danger and let the child’s fantasy play run wild. At Heless, we are aware of the great responsibility we have to our small customers. Each of our products is therefore developed with great attention to detail, manufactured to the highest quality standards and then subjected to strict internal quality and safety controls. Heless toys all comply with European standard EN71 on safety requirements for toys and bear the CE mark. Many articles have also been awarded the "spiel gut" mark of the Ulm Committee for Good Toys.

As a member of the DVSI, we have an extensive toy safety concept at our disposal, which enables us to ensure the greatest possible safety of our quality toys. Because safety and quality are top priority. Always – and without compromise.

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