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A success story made in Schwetzingen: Heless celebrates its 70th birthday

Heless has been producing toys that delight children for 70 years now. What began in 1949, initially with dolls’ dummies, milk bottles with rubber teats and dolls’ rattles, has grown over the decades into an extensive range of doll clothing and accessories plus a range of other toys. Nowadays, Heless products are sold internationally and bring a sparkle to children’s eyes all over the world.

Heless was founded in 1949 by Helga Moll – mother and grandmother of the current managing directors Beate Becker and Susanna Becker. After the nationalization of her parents' business in Dresden and the family’s escape to the West of Germany, Helga Moll decided at a young age to start her own business. The starting capital of 1,000 DM came from the sale of six pedigree puppies that Helga Molls boxer gave birth in July 1948. The company name was derived from her maiden name (Helga Hess) – and on time for her 21st birthday on 1.3.1949 Helga Moll officially announced her trade. The first collection at that time consisted of dolls’ dummies, dolls’ rattles and dolls’ bottles with rubber teats.

The big breakthrough came a few months later, in early 1950, at the first Nuremberg Toy Fair. As the youngest exhibitor, Helga Moll presented her products and traveled home with so many orders that it took almost day and night to be able to deliver all orders on time. What follows is a success story that has been going on for 70 years. With great attention to detail, the Schwetzingen-based company Heless still produces first-class toys that stand out from the crowd and that encourage children to develop through play. With Heless toys, even the tiniest tots can allow their imagination and creativity to run wild and immerse themselves in role playing games. The family-owned company is now run by second and third generation. In 1981, Beate Becker, Helga Moll's daughter, joined the company. Susanna Becker has been working for Heless since 2015 and, together with her mother Beate Becker, sets the course for a continued successful future.

For several years, the product focus has been on high-quality doll clothing, doll accessories and soft dolls. Year after year, the range is expanded to include more novelties and designs – but the most important thing stays the same: the high quality of the toys and the passion that is devoted to every single product developed by Heless. Many customers of the first hour have remained faithful to Heless until today and the toys from Schwetzingen are also widespread internationally. This is a testament to the fact that the innovative and flexible traditional company with its products and its philosophy has taken the right path right from the start.

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