Wedding dress "Sissi" with veil, size 28-35 cm

Item no: 1020

EAN: 4001949010200

Product details and characteristics

Product size: 28-35 cm


35-45 cm

Material composition:

Spitze: 90 % Chinlon, 10 % Spandex; oberer Tüllrock: 60 % Baumwolle, 40 % Nylon; unterer Tüllrock: 100 % polyester; Unterkleid: 100 % polyester; Elastikband des Schleiers: 100 % Polyester

Product instructions:



It's wedding time! Children love to re-enact the most important day in adult life. With the fantastic doll wedding dress and the fashionable groom outfit from Heless, even the little ones can now celebrate an unforgettable doll wedding. The high-quality doll wedding dress is just like a real wedding dress. The top made of the finest floral lace, a noble undergarment and the magnificent tulle skirt let every bride shine. The lace border of the dress and the veil is unique. This looks beautiful and is a special haptic experience due to the elaborate embroidery. The veil is also provided with a flexible rubber band so that it fits on every doll's head.

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