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Doll's Blanket "Fluffy Sloth" (44x34 cm) with pillow (16x16 cm)

Item no: 9000

EAN: 4001949090004

Product details and characteristics

Product size: 44 x 34 cm


44 x 34 cm

Material composition:

65% Polyester, 35% Baumwolle

Product instructions:



The cute doll blanket and pillow of the "Fluffy Sloth" series by Heless ensures sweet doll dreams. No matter which way you turn it: The lightly padded reversible blanket of our “Fluffy Sloth” captivates on both sides with a cheerful and colourful design. It fits for all standard doll’s prams and beds and ensures that the doll is cosy and cuddly everywhere.

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