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Doll "Nils" (22 cm)

Item no: 301

EAN: 4001949003011

Product details and characteristics

Product size: 22 cm

Material composition:

Körper: 100 % Baumwolle; Füllung: 100 % Polyester; Jeans: 100 % Baumwolle; T-Shirt: 70 % Baumwolle, 30 % Polyester

Product instructions:


The sympathetic soft doll Nils has a very soft cuddly body and a size of 22 cm, which makes him ideal for the smallest dolls mommy and daddies aged 18 months and older. With his cheeky orange-colored wool hair and his round black button eyes he quickly conquers children's hearts. Easy to love!

Blackmite UG